eMMC 5.1


AS2726 is the eMMC controller of ASolid Technology Co. Ltd. which uses UMC process technology. It has high performance, low power consumption features and supports eMMC4.5, eMMC5.01 and eMMC5.1 specifications. Product has single channel high speed flash interface with advanced error correction code (AECC), and supports all kinds of NAND type flashes, including  MLC and TLC.

●eMMC interface supports 1.8V/3.3V voltage
●Fully compatible with eMMC standard specification v4.5/v5.01/v5.1

  • ■Supports Bus Speed Mode: Backward compatibility for legacy MMC card mode, High Speed SDR/DDR, HS200 and HS400
  • ■Supports command class 0, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11
  • ■Supports RPMB security engine

●eMMC interface with programmable output drive capability
●Flash interface supports:

  • ■Supports 8CEs per channel
  • ■Supports 1.8V/3.3V flash interface
  • ■Asynchronous mode: 50MB/s
  • ■Synchronous mode: 400MB/s

●Flash memory supports:

  • ■Supports ECC function to correct up to 12x-bits data errors per 1K bytes data automatically
  • ■Supports MLC/TLC NAND type flash
  • ■Supports flash with 4KB/8KB/16KB/32KB page architecture
  • ■Supports four-plane operation for 16KB page and two-plane operation for 32KB page
  • ■Supports Toggle Mode flash
  • ■Supports ONFI3.1/ONFI2.3/ONFI2.2/ONFI2.1/ONFI2.0 flash

●Low power consumption
●Enhanced ESD design
●Non-Direct remap architecture
●Manufacturing utility ready


AS2726 supports various platforms and passed chipset's AVL

✅ Supports various platforms.
✅ Satisfies chipset’s market AP AVL….

eMMC controller AS2726 supports various platforms & passes chipset's AVL

AS2726ED supports YMTC JGS

ASolid AS2726 controller pass Allwinner's test

ASolid AS2726 controller pass MTK test

Enhances your eMMC life cycle and quality

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