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IS918-GA supports SK Hynix V7 512Gb 176L TLC

Providing great performance with read speed up to 135MB/s….

AS2705ENLT supports BiCS5 512Gb 112L TLC

✅ Support UHS-I U3/V30/A1 speed
✅ Support Toggle 2
✅ Provide read performance up to 100MB/s.
✅ Provide capacity up to 256GB
ASolid sincerely cares about customer experience….

AS2258 supports KIOXIA BiCS5 512Gb 112L TLC

✅Provide full firmware support
✅Provide efficient and stable service with fast response…

IS918 supports all kinds of NAND Flash

✅Support USB 3.2 Gen 1 Interface
✅Support Data transfer reach up to 5Gb/s
✅Support USB Type-A & Type-C ports and also Dual Interface.
✅Support standard and customized layout design service
IS918 provides you with a custom-made all-around and trus…

AS2258 supports Samsung 3D NAND V5 and V6

✅Providing read/write speed up to 500MB/s.
✅Providing immediate and reliable support….

IS918-GA supports WD BiCS5 1Tb 112L TLC

● 提供穩定讀寫效能,讀取速度達 130MB/s 以上…

AS2258 supports WD BiCS4 and BiCS5

AS2258支援 WD BiCS4 & BiCS5
AS2258 supports WD BiCS4 and BiCS5…

AS2705ENLT Dazzling debut!

✅ECC Correction ability raised up 1.3 times
✅Support the latest ONFI 3.X and Toggle2.0 Flash
✅Support high performance read/write 100/80 MB/s
✅Support new generation 1.2V & 1.8V VCCQ NAND
✅Support Differential Mode
✅Support U3/ V30/ A1

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