Corporate Governance

ASolid’s corporate governance framework is based on Taiwan’s Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act, and other related laws and regulations. Moreover, ASolid refers to corporate governance practices in order to establish an effective corporate governance framework. ASolid advocates an effective corporate governance framework to protect the rights and interests of shareholders, strengthen the powers of the Board of Directors, fulfill the function of Audit Committee, respect the rights and interests of stakeholders, and enhance information transparency. Operating with ethical corporate management is a best practice principle that helps fulfill ASolid ‘s social responsibility. ASolid also expects to realize sustainable management and improve business performance through a comprehensive management system.

Corporate Governance Structure

Board of Directors


Members of  the Board

Title Name Education and Experience Positions Currently Hold at the Company and Other Companies
Chairman Kevin Liu

M.S. in Electronics, National Chiao Tung University EMBA,

National Cheng Chi University Chairman of MMCA Technical Committee Chief Technology Officer,

InCOMM Technologies Co., Ltd.

Advanced Memory Technology. President,

ASolid Technology Co., Ltd.

Director Andy Yen

M.S. in Electrical and Control Engineering, National Chiao Tung University.

Director of IC Design Department,InCOMM Technologies Co., Ltd.

Senior Vice President, ASolid Technology Co., Ltd.
Director Jeremy Lin

M.S. in Electrical Engineering, San Jose State University.

Senior Engineering of IC Design Department, InCOMM Technologies Co., Ltd.

Director of Research & Development Department, ASolid Technology Co., Ltd.
Director Kingston Technology Corporation
Independent Director Victor Tsan

Ph.D. in Information Management, National Central University.

M.S. in Business Administration, National Cheng Chi University.

B.S. in Electrical Engineering, National Central University.

Chairman, Asia Pacific Industrial Analysis Association (APIAA).

member of the Executive Yuan National Development Fund Investment Review Conference Electronic information industry, industry Layout Group Review Committee.

Vice President & Director General, Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute.

Director, Elitegroup Computer Systems Independent.

Director , Chunghwa Precision Test Tech.Co., Ltd.

Independent Director , CTCI Advanced Systems Inc.

Independent Director , Partner Tech Corp.

Independent Director Toshiba Cheng

M.S. in Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University.

B.S. in Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University.

Director of System Integration, Advanced Taiwan Ltd (ADB).

General Manager, Taiwan Nagra Vision Ltd.

Chief Technology Officer, China Network Systems(CNS)
Independent Director Emily Wu

M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University.

B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing-Hua University.

Director, WinWay Technology Co., Ltd.

Senior Project Manager, ITE Tech. Inc.


Director, Yayatech Co. Ltd.

Representative of corporate director, Partilink Inc. Director,

WISON Technology Corp. Director,

Darwin Venture Management Director,

Darchun Venture Corporation



Members of Audit Committees – Service term: June 19, 2020 to June 18, 2023

Title Name
Chairman Victor Tsan
Member Toshiba Cheng
Member Emily Wu

Members of Compensation Committees – Service term: June 19, 2020 to June 18, 2023

Title Name
Chairman Victor Tsan
Member Toshiba Cheng
Member Emily Wu

Internal Audit

The internal auditor is independent and under the board of directors. Any appointment or discharge of the internal audit manager shall be approved by the Board of Directors after being reviewed by the audit committee and be reported to the SFB for recordation via the Internet-based information system by the 10th day of the month next following.

Human Rights Policy and Implementation

We support the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), and the ILO Convention. We are committed to treating all workers with dignity and respect in the workplace. Accordingly, ASolid’s Regulations for Human Rights Policy and Management Programs are established and prohibit any form of infringing human rights.

1.1. ASolid worships the fair and objective spirits, besides evaluating job seekers’ overall performance, prioritizing candidates with disabilities when engaging employees.

1.2. For recruitment, remuneration package, training, promotion, dismissal, retirement, or any other labor rights, no employee or candidate will be discriminated against due to the following factors.

(Discriminations include but are not limited to race, social gap, language, thoughts, religion, political orientation, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, appearance, disability, sign, blood type, etc.)

2.1. To protect the healthy development of children both physically and mentally, ASolid will not accept any applicants under the age of 16 to apply for our job openings.

2.2. Newly hired employees should submit identity proving documents (including ID Card, driver’s license, health insurance card, academic certificate, etc.) on the day of registration to verify that they have reached the age of 16 before being hired.

The work rules for working hours, recess, holidays, annual paid leave of absence, length of overtime work, and miscellaneous matters are complying with the laws and regulations.

4.1. The company shall pay worker wages complying with the laws and regulations, including basic wage, overtime wages, etc. The company shall not make a deduction of wages as a penalty for disciplinary sanction.

4.2. In addition to the benefits stated by the Labor Standard Act, the company also provides Group Insurance and Welfare Programs for employees.

The company has set up clear appeals channels to communicate effectively with employees and handle appeal cases with justice. In addition, to prevent the occurrence of sexual harassment and establish a gender-friendly workplace for personnel and candidates, anyone who experiences workplace discrimination or harassment could appeal to the company according to the Regulations for Complaints of Sexual Harassment at Workplace. The company should investigate confidentially, should not reveal the actual name and the identity of the protected complainants. The appeals channel for sexual harassment is listed as below:


ASolid has set up labor-management meetings and organized regular meetings.

If the company operation or management systems changes violate labor rights, employees may negotiate through Collective Bargaining and establish effective mutual communication.

To protect the Right to Privacy, we implement an improving Information Security Management System and strictly abide by regulations and protective measures.

ASolid builds a safe and healthy workplace according to the regulations. And well-known physical examination centers are provided for employees to do physical checkups to understand their own health conditions. In addition, the company offers regular training to prevent the occurrences of occupational injuries and reduce the risk factors in the workplace.

Human Resource Department disseminates Ethical Management Policy, Codes of Ethical Conduct, Human Right Policy, etc., to new employees and all personnel by the method of face-to-face instruction, online teaching, or internal website announcement.

From 14th September through 7th October 2021, the company offered training on ethical management for all managers and employees. The training includes Ethical Management Policy, Codes of Ethical Conduct, Human Rights Policy and Management Programs, Occupational Safety and Health Policy, etc.

The Corporate Governance training has been incorporated in new employee training. Since August 2021, 268 personnel have taken the course, 268 personnel finished the training, a total of 536 man-time with a 100% completion rate. In addition, we have uploaded the training material to the internal training platform for employees to consult.


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