ASolid Benefits system

ASolid Technology provides enviable benefits system, and we welcome you to join ASolid!

  • Superior Vacation System: We offer a flexible vacation system which is superior to Labor Standards Act. Once on board at ASolid, employees are eligible for annual leaves. No need to serve consecutively for more than one year to enjoy the full leave benefits.
  • Consummated Insurance Program: Labor insurance, health insurance, pension contribution and company group insurance (including life insurance, accident insurance, casualty insurance and medical insurance).
  • Complete Welfare Allowances: Festival gift vouchers (Dragon Boat Festival/Mid-Autum Festival/Chinese New Year), Labor Day gift voucher, free staff parking spaces, Emergency Allowances (we offer a special program for ASolid employees or their relatives in cases of critical illness hospitalization or calamity injuries)
  • Joyful Group Events: We host several yearly group events for our employees, including varied social events, departmental gatherings and Family Days. Employees and their family members are always welcomed to join us!
  • Annual Travel Allowances: We offer various travel plans and bountiful travel allowances for our employees. Feel free to schedule your desired travel plans from bungee jumping in Macao, cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo to star-chasing in Seoul, etc.
  • Annual Physical Examination: We take our employees' physical and mental well-being seriously. We offer annual free physical examination at well-known physical examintaion centers to take good care of employees' health.
  • Overtime Meal: We offer overtime meals for employees in appreciation of their hard-work.
  • Weekly Afternoon Tea Time: We prepare weekly afternoon tea snacks in appreciation of employees' efforts at work. Come and grab some delicious snacks for a relaxed coffee break.
  • Birthday Party: We host birthday parties for our employees. Let the whole company celebrate your birthday all together!
  • Christmas Party: We host gift exchange activities in our annual Christmas Party. Don't be disappointed if you get an unwanted gift. Super suprise gifts are prepared for added joy and fun.
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