ASolid provides competitive salaries, diversified incentives and profit-sharing plan to attract and retain talents.


ASolid recruits the talents who are the best fit for each position. And we review the compensation package according to the talents’ expertise, experience, and ability.
ASolid’s compensation program complies with the Labor Standards Act, Employment Service Act, Human Rights Policy, and relevant laws and acts.

Raise & Promotion

ASolid manages the compensation budget in accordance with the operational performance, pay level and economic indicators each year.
ASolid implements the performance management. We give raises and promotions to our employees based on the evaluation of goal achievement and competency.

Profit-Sharing Plan

In accordance with ASolid’s Articles of Incorporation (HERE) , ASolid’s Profit-Sharing Plan is designed to reward individual employee contributions in alignment with employee’s performance, job function and position.
ASolid offers the incentive bonus, stock options, etc. to motivate employees to achieve the company’s financial objectives together.

Diversified Incentives

In order to improve employee performance, and to retain and attract talents, ASoild provides diversified incentives, including annual bonus, incentive bonus, patent rewards, project rewards, referral rewards, etc.
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