Community Involvement

Date Activities
202112 The COVID-19 outbreak has had a tremendous impact on social welfare groups and disadvantaged groups. ASolid Welfare Committee has joined in the charity sales: purchased handmade biscuits produced by 【The Garden of Hope Foundation】(the total number of participants was 245, and the amount was NT$73,500), and purchased throw pillows produced by 【SAINT JOSEPH SOCIAL WELFARE FOUNDATION】 (the total number of participants was 245, and the amount was NT$49,000) to help the underprivileged groups get through the difficult time.
202011 The Welfare Committee promoted the [2020 Guardian Happiness Sharing Love] Love Buying/Donation activity organized by the Modern Women’s Foundation. A total of 41 employees spontaneously participated, and the amount was NT$36,000.
202108 The Welfare Committee promotes the purchase of Xihaner’s [2021 Lucky Encounter, Guardian of Love] Love Mooncake Event. A total of 38 employees spontaneously participated, and the amount was NT$44,667.
202108 In order to thank the medical team for their hard work during COVID-19, the company donated meals to National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei Medical University Hospital, and Taipei City United Hospital in the amount of NT$500,000.

Procedures for Handling Material Inside Information

Expose the specific circumstances of the implementation of major internal information processing and prevention of insider transaction management in each year

At least once per year, this Corporation shall conduct educational campaigns to promote awareness among all directors, supervisors, managerial officers, and employees with respect to these Procedures and related laws and regulations.

Implementation in 2020:

1. The new director has participated in the insider equity promotion meeting and corporate governance 3.0-sustainable development blueprint held by the competent authority on Aug 24 and Sep 21, 2020
2. On Aug 10 and Nov 9, 2020, conduct education and publicity for directors and managers, and publicize employees at the annual meeting. The course content includes internal major information processing and prevention of insider transaction management, etc., And email the course content to all directors, managers and employees.

Implementation in 2021:

1. On Aug 6 and Nov 5, 2021, a 6-hour education and promotion will be conducted for directors, supervisors, managers, and employees. The content of the course includes insider trading, the scope of internal material information, confidential work, open work, and handling of violations. And email the course content to all directors, supervisors, managers and employees.

Ethical Corporate Management

1.The company has formulated the ” Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles ” and “Code of Ethical Conduct”. The FAD Division is the dedicated unit responsible for the formulation and supervision of the integrity management policy and prevention plan. Each unit assists in the promotion and prevention management. In response to high-risk dishonesty behaviors within the business scope, measures such as the prohibition of providing or receiving improper benefits and refusal to provide political contributions, report to the board of directors at least once a year, and implement the integrity management policy.

2.The company signs a contract with agents, suppliers, customers or other business partners. The content should include compliance with the integrity management policy and the terms of termination or cancellation of the contract at any time if the counterparty of the transaction is involved in dishonest behavior.

3.The company regularly organizes integrity management education and training for directors, managers and employees. If any violation of the integrity management code is found, it has the responsibility and obligation to report to the supervisor or the reporting channel. Combine the integrity management policy with employee performance appraisal and human resources policies to formulate a clear reward and punishment system.

4.The company currently has no violation of integrity management.

5.Integrity management courses (including integrity management regulations and compliance, ethical behavior, etc.) have been included in the training for newcomers. As of Sep14, 2021, 49 people have been trained this year, totaling 98 hours.

6.Reported to the board of directors on the implementation of the integrity management policy on Nov 5, 2021.

Stakeholder Communication

The company reports to the board of directors at least once a year on the communication with stakeholders. In 2021, a report was submitted to the board of directors on November 5th. The consideration and communication/response methods for the priority concerns of all stakeholders are as follows:

Material topics of concern

1. Regulatory compliance
2. Corporate governance
3. Competent authority communication
4. Risk management

Communication channels

Establish a contact and maintain good interaction with the competent authority.
FAD Division Miss chen (

Communication methods and frequency

1. Actively improve the compliance of corporate governance laws and regulations, and the establishment of the company’s internal system.
2.Selected as a constituent stock of TPEx 200 Index in 2021

Material topics of concern

1. Remuneration
2. Employee performance evaluation
3. Operational performance
4. Labor/management relations
5.Corporate Image

Communication channels

Irregular announcement on internal website or internal email: Announce various employee welfare matters (health check, group insurance, etc.), welfare committee information, important company operating information, education and training course information, annual performance management tasks and other information.

Communication methods and frequency

2021 employee performance bonus, incentive bonus and bonus distribution, employee domestic travel, handling intellectual property rights, risk management, integrity management policy, epidemic prevention mechanism, epidemic prevention questionnaire and other publicity and education training courses.

Material topics of concern

1. Corporate governance
2. Sustainable Development Strategy
3. Risk Management
4. Shareholder participation
5. Operational performance

Communication channels

News disclosure/major information: media/public information observatory, real-time disclosure/announcement of important information, such as corporate governance, important business development, operational performance, and other relevant information that shareholders and investors pay attention

Hold a shareholder meeting every year and publish an annual report

Set up a contact for stock affairs and investor relations for two-way communication.
FAD Division Miss chen (

Communication methods and frequency

Material Information in both Chinese and English /Announcement/ Company website disclosure
Improve corporate governance evaluation level

Material topics of concern

1. Customer protection and communication
2. Information transparency
3. Service quality

Communication channels

Company website
External communication mail to protect consumer rights

◆ sales Mail(
◆ Technical Service Mail(

Communication methods and frequency

Sales Mail to customers with multiple communication channels

Material topics of concern

1. Information Security
2. Sustainable Development Strategy
3. Corporate Image
4. Information transparency
5. Supplier Management

Communication channels

Suppliers are required to sign corporate social responsibility commitments and confidentiality agreements; according to business needs, establish mutual commitment agreements with relevant suppliers before purchasing.

Communication methods and frequency

Suppliers are required to sign corporate social responsibility commitments and confidentiality agreements.

Material topics of concern

1. Corporate Image
2. Diversity of employees and labor rights
3. Community care
4. Social participation
5. Green Procurement

Communication channels

The company and its employees participate in various cultural and educational foundations and social welfare charity foundations.

Communication methods and frequency

1. In 2021 [Xihaner X Jimmy]-Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Mooncakes will be held. Invite you to make love together and do your part for public welfare.
2. In August 2021, donate 2500 loving bentos to Heping Hospital/Taipei Hospital/National Taiwan University Hospital (20 working days from Jul 19 to Aug 20).

Employee Safety and Work Environmental Protection

Employee safety and work environment protection measures and implementation status
The company is an IC design company. The working environment is mainly the office. Office safety protection measures are used to regularly implement fire protection maintenance operations and field drills, access control management and on-site health services for doctors, etc.

Risk Management

Board of directors passed on November , 2020 to formulate a “risk management policy” as the highest guiding principle of Gudeng’s risk management. Gudeng regularly assesses risks, and formulates risk management policies for each risk,covering management objectives, organizational structure, ownership of rights and responsibilities, and risk management procedures and other mechanisms and implements them to effectively identify, measure and control Gudeng’s various risks , controlling the risk within an acceptable range.

The company integrates and manages all potential risks such as various strategies, operations, finances, and hazards that may affect operations and profitability in an active and cost-effective manner, and manages through risk management methods for the purpose of all interests People provide appropriate risk management, evaluate the frequency of risk events and the severity of the impact on the operation with the risk matrix (Risk MAP), define the priority and risk level of risks, and adopt corresponding risk management strategies according to the risk level .Risk management policy includes the management of “strategic trend risk”, “operational risk”, “financial risk”, ” Environmental risk”, etc.

Risk Management Organization Chart

From 2020, we will actively promote the implementation of risk management and report to the board of directors once a year. The main operating conditions are as follows:

‧ Risk management policy issued in 2020

‧ 2020:The risk management team reported on the risk environment, risk management priorities, risk assessment and response measures faced by the company in November 2020. The chairman of the risk management committee reported to the board of directors on the risk environment and the risk control measures adopted and the operation of risk management.


‧ The risk management team will report the risk management situation to the board of directors on Nov 5, 2021. The report includes the assessment of various risks faced by the company during the year, including the risk environment, risk management priorities, risk assessment and response measures. New public health risks, epidemic prevention publicity and measures.

‧ List the company’s public health risks as a major issue, strengthen publicity and coordination with CECC announcements, and strengthen risk culture awareness and awareness.

Major Issues Risk Assessment Items Risk Management Policy
Environment Environmental Protection Review international environmental protection trends in accordance with laws and regulations, strengthen environmental management systems, strengthen green product development, strengthen green supply chain management to ensure competitiveness, and conduct internal education, training and advocacy.
Strategy Product and Manpower Expansion Risk Expand domestic and foreign subsidiaries and recruit domestic and foreign R&D personnel to facilitate product development technology improvement and capacity expansion. Possible risks are the turnover risk of working capital, and the risk of idle manpower that the business is not as expected.
Operation Operational and Operational risks 1. Operational risk: Strengthen product quality control and possible emergencies or accidents caused by man-made or natural factors, and take contingency measures, including impacts on product development, production, sales, delivery and service, and customer rights and interests. 2.Operational risk: The risk of loss due to internal operations, improper personnel and systems, or loss due to external events. Including legal risks.
Finance Financial Risk risk: The risk of default loss caused by customers, suppliers, competitors or other business partners (including banks) due to their own financial deterioration or other factors that cause customers, suppliers, competitors or other business partners (including banks) to fail to perform their obligations. 2.Exchange rate risk: The foreign exchange policy is based on the principle of conservativeness and prudent. For major export and outsourcing transactions, foreign currency quotations are adopted. In addition to the natural hedging method of foreign currency balances, we will maintain close relationships with banks and continue to observe changes in exchange rates to reduce the impact of cost changes on the company’s profit and loss.
Public health Gathering Risk Establish an epidemic prevention team to implement relevant epidemic prevention measures in conjunction with the CECC announcement:

  1. Arrange employees to diverted to work to prevent gathering.
  2. Employees wear masks in the company and follow the following regulations in public area:

◎During the meeting, the host should confirm that the attendees adopt checkerboard seating and keep the distance. ◎In public areas such as restaurants, cafes, and smoking areas, please keep 1.5 meters in line when queuing up for pick-up, washing, etc..

  1. Announce the footprints of the Hsinchu case, and ask employees to fill out the questionnaire, care about their health and remind them whether they overlap with the case footprints.

Continuous advocacy and irregular audits during the epidemic prevention team.

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